• Homebrew Posted at in Programming

    How to use Homebrew and Cask for OS X dependency management and automate installation with a custom Homebrew.sh file.

  • New Mac Setup Posted at in General

    New Mac setup for play and development.

  • Managing Ruby Posted at in Programming

    Ruby environment setup and management with chruby, ruby-install, .ruby-version files and bundler.

  • Using tmux Posted at in Programming

    tmux is a terminal multiplexer, meaning it allows you to run multiple terminal sessions, each composed of windows which can be split both vertically and horizontally into panes.

  • Templating With Inheritance Posted at in Programming

    The Hogan.js templating engine extends the Mustache spec by allowing inheritance. This lets you create layouts and DRY up your code without having to use an MVC library. (demo, source)